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FAQ Answers (Please read as it contain alot alot alot answers for you)

Common Questions

Before Order Questions

How long will the order arrive?

How to make payment?

Can you ship to overseas?

Do you have a shop?

Do you have a phone number i can contact?

Ordering Stickers

Stickers Quantity(ALOT!!)

Can i have 2 different text in a set?

2 Names in 1 set can?

Stickers Sizing

This sticker is what size?

Do you customise any other sizes?

Spacing considered as character?

Why is there empty stickers?

Can i edit the names after ordering?

How to leave a line empty for me to write on it?

I don't need Line 3


Fulfillment Email

How come sometimes printing is so slow?

Why is there a queue sometimes?

Why sometimes I can receive within 3 days?

Why are you not replying my email?

Am I a Rude Customer?

Am I a Self-Entitled Customer?

Why are you rude to me in my email?