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Fonts Selection

Choose the fonts you desire and take down the "code" at column 1. Let us know the code and the font will be used. 

If you have a font you like and it's not listed here, feel free to let us know. And we will try to add it into the list. Else you may request for a customised order which has min quantity. 

Do not use Emoji. They are not printable. 

Use <BLANK> for us to leave that line BLANK for you to use marker to write on it. 

As some special fonts does not have the Chinese character you want, StickerPrint reserves the rights and will amend the font if the font selected is unclear for some Chinese characters. 

Some Chinese font will make the character look weird (or some cases, it might look like different character). We will not be responsible if the font look different or look weird. For safe measures, please select Arial or Comic Sans font. 

Download and try yourself:

To ensure you have the fonts you like, we have decided to release our font set.
Font pack: 87MB RAR File
Excel sheet to test font (download after installing): Excel Sheet