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How To Order & How Is It Done?

1. Menu
Click drop-down menu to select options.

2. Add to cart
When click in to product page, choose the variants and quantity, and click button add to cart.
3. Checkout
Confirm your products and quantity. Click button checkout when you're ready to purchased.
4. Order will be processed
4. Order will be mailed
Once your payment has been verified, orders will be sent out within 1-7 working days (or depending on the queue).


Frequently Asked Questions

1) How come so slow?
These stickers need to be printed 1 by 1, we are not like your normal online shopping where every item is just Take from shelve and mail. That can be done within 1 day. But this is unique printed 1 by 1, checked 1 by 1. It's like baking cakes. We do it 1 by 1. 
Every set takes up to 10mins to print. This is not easy. 

It does not matter when did you place your order (how many days of waiting), what matters is how long is the queue. 

Imagine your self standing for a queue at a Restaurant. If you want to eat it because it's cheap, you queue for it. It does not matter how long you been standing there or when did you start queueing. It's how long is the queue that matters. 

2) Why is there a queue?

During peak period, we receive orders more than expected. We will inform you the estimated waiting time as there is a queue. 

3) Why sometimes I can receive within 3 days?
This is because there is no queue. We print it immediately and mail out within the same day. 

4) Why are you not replying my email?
Are you rude to us? Why should we reply to self-entitled customers? If you want tip-top customer service, go to shopping malls and pay $8. We sell it cheaply (Yes, it's damn cheap) to help parents with their kids expenses. We see no point we sell $8 per set like the shopping malls with just a few pieces of stickers. We don't profit much. We just want the kids to be happy. 

5) Why are you rude to me in my email? 
We are usually nice and friendly to all our customers (Yes, look at our reviews, speedy and friendly replies), but to some nasty customers who don't appreciate us, we are okay to see them go, so good bye if you are rude to us.