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Terms & Condition & Privacy Policy

Terms & Condition

Any use by you of the website at (the "Site") is conditional upon your acceptance of these Terms & Conditions, including our Privacy Statement. We reserve the right to amend these Terms & Conditions from time to time without notice and at our discretion. It is your responsibility periodically to review this page for updates to these Terms & Conditions, which shall come into effect once posted but shall not apply to orders accepted by us prior to the amended text being posted.

All references to 'our', 'us', 'we' or 'business' within this policy and within the opt-in notice are deemed to refer to Sticker Print.


You accepted our whole Terms & Condition and our Privacy Policy the moment you started any purchasing transaction including adding item to cart in any form of ordering method. 

Qoo10 and Website orders are different team. We only entertain Website orders. 


We accept payments by paynow, bank transfer, credit card only. All prices include GST we paid for. We do not store any bank details on our server for security reasons. .

Stickerprint will not refund or return any excess payment made, however on such cases, we can credit the excess amount into your client account and deduct as at when you made purchases.

Cash will not be accepted via postage from customers. 


Our printing staffs are specially trained and had printed thousands of sets to be trusted to handle on their own. Please indicate clearly if you would like the printing to be in single line or multiple lines. If there is no indications, our printers will adjust accordingly into fitting print and must advised prints. Prints may be use as samples for our catalog, reference, and display in any sales channel in physical or photography samples.

As the designs of the stickers are pre-printed by China and we only print the names on the sticker, there might be changes to the sticker design or background without notice. The theme or the character remains. Some stickers design might not be child friendly, we have took the best effort to show the full range of stickers in the specific design in other images within the product. We will try our best to update the photos if there are changes.


Text being big or bold is to maximize the reading according to our printing team. Should you have issues with us adjusting your text for the best result, we will advise you to find a shopping mall stall and print with preview, of course, you have to pay more - up to 3 times more. 

Because we are selling at such low price, we do not show preview of the text that is printed. Should you require a preview, there will be a $20 charge per design. 

The stickers are made to stick best on flat surfaces. They can stick well so long your normal scorch tape sticks. Stickerprint prints the best quality, thick and laminated stickers for our customers. Should there be any special surface that can't stick, we can't be responsible. 

Every set we print is uniquely designed. We cannot "follow" a previous design, or print exactly the same. The text size, icons, or pictures used difference from every set we print. If you want to have the same sets, order together at the same time. You can type in the comment to follow some photo example, but there is no guarantee it will be the same. 

Do not use Emoji. They are not printable. All Emoji used will be ignored.

We will not response to your email for unreasonable request. 

Packaging or Plastic design used to pack the stickers may varies base on stock availability. It may or may not be the same as others. 

Sticker Print reserve all rights to have the final decision.


Exchange Policy

Should there be any printing errors or wrong design given, We will honor full exchange once investigation is completed and found that the fault is within us. Buyer has to ensure that the package/stickers are untouched for photos so we can have a full investigation of the claims. Should the sticker be used already, we will consider it as accepted. Photos will be requested for investigation purposes. Buyer have to provide postage fees and mail the exchange sets back to us. We only use normal postage mail for replacement sent (top up can be made for courier). Sticker Print reserve all rights to have the final decision.

Lost/Damaged/Returned Mail Policy

StickerPrint has sent out more than 200,000 sets. We are truthful and committed in our service towards our customers. We honor every purchase with dignity and trustworthy. In fact, we have many cases of people who try to cheat us by saying they did not receive the mail which they did and we proven. 
As such, we have decided, should there be any lost mail, Sticker Print will not be responsible for lost of registered/unregistered or damaged mail. Non-traceable are purely at the expense of customers in the event of undelivered or late delivery.

After 2 weeks of delivered date, customers can request for photo of mailing proof (for normal mail) - Example below. 

Stickerprint highly suggest Customers to opt for Courier Service as they are trackable and traceable. We also do not recommend sending the mail to your office or company. Lost mail often happen in the office process in getting mails to you. Please mail it to your home address. 

For Courier Services: We need to focus on printing the orders fast (to deliver to you faster), we engage another party to courier our mail for us. Thus, we are unable to give every customer the tracking number until the mail is officially declared lost - which is 2 weeks later. 

Returned mail: Should there be any returned mail from Singpost, we will email you to top up postage and handling fees for re-mailing. A photo of the returned mail will be shown as proof. Stickerprint will not handle any enquires to singpost for the rejected mail reasons. There will be re-posting and handling fees. We will not repost if reposting fees are not paid.

We will normally wait 1 week - 2 weeks (up to 6 weeks) to see if the full mail package arrives before considering it lost (in case it's stuck with SingPost). And only if the lost or damaged is confirmed, we will than proceed to the next step. 

In special event that we In the event that the mail is lost or damaged, Customers will need to order them again and make 75% of the payment with full postage price. 
Example, $5.00 + 30 Cents Postage. 
75% = $3.75 + 30 Cents. 

We will not reply to unreasonable customers who choose normal mailing and claim to have lost mail for any reason.

Sticker Print reserve all rights to have the final decision.

Self-Collection: We strictly do not allow any Self-Collection. You can try to ask for self-collection but subjected to availability. Should there be any error printing, missing sets, or issues, it should be emailed instead of giving feedback at the self-collect area. Self collection is not part of our service but is a privilege given.

Chinese Character and Other Language Characters

Some Chinese font will make the character look weird (or some cases, it might look like different character). We will not be responsible if the font look different or look weird. For safe measures, please select Arial or Comic Sans font. You may also download the fonts from our front page to try it out. 

The design of the text or the font will be used on the font you select. Unless the text is clearly not visible or the chinese character cannot be found, we will change the font on your behalf.

Whatever was typed in when ordering will be printed. We cannot accept requests like combine 女 口 to become 如. This is to prevent uncertainties. 

Do understand that different orders have different request. Some customer want to have that special Chinese character some not. As we are selling so cheap, and to rush orders out, we do not show samples or ask if the font is fine.

For Other Language Characters, we will be copy and pasting to the printing software to print it. We will do a verbal check for English alphabets only. Any other language, we will print it as per copied and paste, and we will not be responsible if it turns out differently. This is because different font has will make it appear differently. 



We manage to sell it so cheap because we cut down on manpower for customer service. We do not have services that sends out the preview before printing. Unless you are doing a bulk order (10 sets above of the same design), we will send you a preview before printing. 

Our staff will not take any abusive language, unfair claims, unreasonable claims from all customers. Such emails will be automatically ignored and deleted.

Buyers who can't wait for their orders to arrive, and constantly emailing us to check status (before the promised date) shall be ignored, and automatically deleted. 

Refund and Returns Policy

If you are completely unsatisfied a full refund will be provided on case by case basis depending on the case. Do not start using or peel off any of the stickers, we need the full set. Once you started using the stickers, it's considered accepted by you.

Sticker Print reserve all rights to have the final decision.

Please contact us at state your compliant so that we can endeavor to improve our service and expedite resolution of your claims.

Delivery Costs and Times

Our Standard printing lead time is 2-8 working days to mail out. Yes, you may have ordered before and receive within 2 or 3 days. But sometimes holiday season, orders will spike up thus it might take longer.

We will keep to our promise to get it printed out within 8 working days.

We will always use SingPost NORMAL postage unless requested otherwise. We will not be responsible for loss in postage. We maintain our credibility by taking a photo of the stickers printed and the envelop with your address to confirm that we have mailed out your orders.

We do provide urgent collection service at $20 + additional 25% charges to the total bill for urgency. This will allow you to collect directly from our printer team location within the next working day, if the order is completed before 12pm. We highly suggest customers to order early. 


Discount Vouchers

All awarded discount vouchers are to be used within 2 weeks on date of issue. Expired vouchers can not be renewed or reissued. Management reserve the final decision should there be any cancellation without the need to issue any reasons. 


Our Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to We are committed to maintain the confidentiality of the personal information that you give us through this website. This Policy applies to all who visit our websites or use our online services.

1) We will only collect personal information from you for the purpose of giving you better service.
2) Only authorized staff will have access to your personal information.
3) We will never sell these information to any external third parties.
4 Like most websites, we may use cookies to "remember" information about your preferences. You can set up your web browser to accept or reject cookies.
5) We may amend this Policy from time to time and will place any such amendments on this website. This Policy is not intended to, nor does it, create any contractual rights between the Sticker Print and the customer.
6) Photos sent to us are automatically approved and condensed for us to use for any purpose or marketing purposes.  
7) For privacy and security reasons, all customer delivering records (mailing photo) are deleted after 2 months. All orders made after 2 months will be considered received if there are no complains of non-receive from customers. 

IMPORTANT: By accessing this website and any of its pages you are agreeing to the terms set out above.