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About us

Who Are We?

"Money not enough" is always something that bother us at our age. So, our beloved CEO, sourced for a solution, aiming towards our hobby of collecting stickers.. and.. Ah ha! This small buy-sell business is born! 

Together with our CEO, we manage the business, communicate with the clients, market and explore. 

Our Prime Minister once said:

To make the Smart Nation succeed, we need an entrepreneurial culture.  You can import the latest technology, you can implement business-friendly schemes, but ultimately, you need a culture, that spunk, daring to dream, daring to fail, daring to take on big challenges. 

Here we are! We stepped out, engage the culture, that spunk, we dare to dream, we dare to fail (since we are still so young) and we take big challengers (like printer run out of ink). HAHA! 

So please.. Support us.. Trust that the product is being highly QC-ed before sending out. Any QC fails, we will take good care of it. No problem one lah