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Children's Day Promo

ONLY $1.50 PER STUDENT. (Fund Transfer Option Only)

MIN 20 SETS PER ORDER  (Mid size only, 33 sticker per set, nicely individually packed)


EASY ORDER: Select up to 2 Designs per class and give us the names via email. Pay and receive by postage mail! Standard Comic Sans font will be selected.

Total Cost: $1.50 x Student + Postage Stamp
30 Students Example: $1.50 x 30 + $2.40 = $xxxx

Well packaged and ready to gift:

How To Order?:

1) Select max 2 designs (1 for girls 1 for boys) from 

2) Use the below excel template to fill in or email the selected designs and names of your student to

Click here to Download Excel Template 

We will then reply with the total cost and fund transfer information.

Tips: Do not put full names (5 character Chinese names/full Malay/full Indian names) as the printout might be too small. Recommended to just put the name you always call out.
We will try our best to fit readable characters into the stickers. 

If you don't want to use excel and just want to email us use the below format:

3) Once payment completed, the order will be processed and mailed to you within 3-5 working days. 




Do share with your colleagues and friends.
Please email for any questions. 


Standard Terms and Condition applies to all transactions. Please read