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Personalised Waterproof Name Stickers

Print your name on our good quality stickers. Our stickers are laminated, removable, waterproof, tear proof, weather proof and scratched proof. Colours will not fade even under rain or shine. place and paste the stickers on laptop, phone, game console, pencil, pencil-case, pen, ruler, water bottle, all your books and all your stationary. So they will no longer get lost or mixed up. 

You can even use it on your School Books. No more ugly handwriting. We can even print your class on it! 

Great as a gift as well! Cheap but very usable! 

Please take note

-If no font is specified, we will use the default of “Comic Sans” for English name and “Arial" for Chinese name.
-We will amend the font for you if the font selected is unclear for some wording.
-Uppercase/lowercase of names given to seller will be the printed as what the buyer typed.
-Please kindly choose font "Arial" for your child to learn writing names, as some chinese font does not reflect the hand written way.
-Please also take note that if the chinese name have mixture of simplified and traditional word, it may not be able to reflect for fancy font type, we will adjust accordingly to suit.